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Get insights on your pipeline success & progress factors with machine learning historical pipeline data. Drive successful customer engagements with gaining quality and quantitative analysis of past call and email conversations.

Pipeline Success

Discover more insights on your lead conversion and deal closure.  Along with learning how many leads/deals that your team converts for a specific period and the average time taken for the conversion, you will get a drill down analysis such as average time spent by successfully converted leads/deals in each of the pipeline stages.

Success Factors

Realize real attributes that contributes for successful conversions. Kreato leverages historical data of successful pipeline conversions to predict the profile fit (such as lead background, deal volume), behavioral fit (such as number of successful email/call engagements) and various behavioral efficiency factors that probably leads to a sales conversion.

Pipeline Progress

Always keep a tab on how efficiently your sales pipeline is progressing through it stages. Find stage to stage progress rate with time line analysis and uncover the pipeline stages or activities that usually expedites / holds pipeline development.

Email Analytics

Learn how your sales emails are performing. Get insights such as email open rate / response rate from your customers, sentiment analysis of incoming emails and the average email response time of your sales reps. Also gain intelligence on which email templates invokes more customer engagements.

Call Analytics

Get facts on quality & quantity attributes of your sales calls. Know about the call connection rate and get answers to your queries such as “how much time spent on calls by team?” and “Are we missing any customer calls”.

Intelligent Fields

Get instant intelligence on leads or deals via intelligent fields. No more any computation efforts lost for your sales rep to find information such as age of the pipeline, inactivity period if any, last email/call engagement from team and last time customer answered sales calls or read through sales mails.