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In the era of globalization there is an increase in competition and with this competition the methods of operating a hospitality business has changed drastically. It is the demand of market to find a way to attract, retain and satisfy customers – and that happens with successful brand building, outstanding customer service and maintaining long-term relationships. Adopting CRM technology is the magical key here and imperative for any Hospitality business.

How It Works

The hospitality industry is a broad category that includes lodging, transportation, tourism and any other business that features customer satisfaction and enjoyment as part of the service they are providing. In general it is a highly interactive and engaging industry where customer centricity literally forms the core of business relationships.

CRM system with comprehensive customer data management, enquiry and sales pipeline management process, integrated communication (email & call) tools, customer support and intelligent analytics will help your team deliver better customer experience at any stage.

Adoption of CRM technology increases efficiency, accountability and productivity of your team. And your outstanding customer service results in happier customers, long-term relationship, repeat business and referrals.

How Kreato Helps Your Business To Accelerate Growth?

CRM system with just traditional CRM capabilities are no longer enough to be competitive. All your Firm need is a new age CRM with Artificial Intelligence & sales acceleration capabilities such as sales automation, predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, lead prioritization, email tracking and inbound call tracking.

Kreato automates most of data entry & routine activities of your team. Using magical powers, Kreato auto updates the system: every time someone in your firm interacts with a client (mail or call), saving time and giving you confidence to know what’s going on.

Powered with AI Capabilities Kreato can intelligently drive your team to adapt successful process for every client, helps your team to be proactive,  alert you if things are going off track, auto guides team with predictive recommendations & contextual insights to focus on what’s most important and perform right activities at right time in right way.

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Key Features in Kreato CRM For Hospitality Industry

Consolidated, purposeful, flexible and versatile customer information management is instrumental in service optimization, long-term relationship management and progressive growth of any hospitality business.

Kreato helps to collect, manage and link customer information which are best in suit for hospitality industry. Perfectly define your CRM master data – lead, sales pipeline, customer and contact profiles with custom fields as required. Easy to use interface to navigate, enter and retrieve.

Organized information on guests helps hospitality managers to discover best practices and  improve “customer experience” – say in the hotel business you can offer  better discounts or free in-hotel benefits.

True Centralized 360 Degree View of Customer Data

Kreato intelligently compiles & presents every facet of customers & prospects: contact and personal profile data, communication history, activities, transactions and notes all in a single view.

Account Management

With customer profiling, categorize your customers – Individual guests, Tour Operators and Corporates. Kreato helps to prioritize high value customers and give special attention. Stay connected with high value customer regularly. Automate sending birthday and anniversary wishes.

Team Collaboration

Kreato auto captures / logs all client interactions, emails, calls & team activities and allows to record notes.  This real-time (up-to-date) activity stream or timeline feeds of a customer keeps everyone in your firm up to date with the latest activity and enables real-time team collaboration.

Smart-Lists to track customer data – Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities Pipeline

Kreato provides the advantage of systematic tracking of customer data & varied customer activities which indicate their preferences and contentment levels.

  • Smart lists comes with custom views, intelligent filters, intelligent sorting and quick search options.
  • Categorize / segment customers with help of Custom Views (Eg: Customers who visits always during new year holidays). Send targeted offers.
  • Intelligent filters includes options like “Needs Attention, Tasks Overdue, Mails/Calls Received, Mails/Calls Engaged” and more.
  • The “Needs Attention” is an intelligent filter which applies AI Technique – machine learning to list the customers who needs immediate attention.
  • Identify high value customers with intelligent ranking.
Lead management includes capturing enquiries / leads, qualifying them, and passing them along to the sales team to track & close the booking opportunities.

Kreato provides that robust platform to manage leads in a better way. Your team will get all powerful tools for tracking leads and managing communications helping your business to convert more leads (enquiries) and close more bookings / deals.

  • Lead Capture Automation: Integrate your enquiry channels with Kreato.  In addition to manual entering of enquiries, Kreato automatically captures incoming enquiries (from website, landing pages, lead generation websites, emails and calls) into CRM as leads. No more lead leakage or missing of leads!
  • Intelligent Lead Distribution / Assignment: You may receive enquiries from guests directly or from tour operators or corporate companies. Kreato helps you allocate leads automatically to right authorities based on type of lead, source of lead, round robin technique and other conditional parameters.
  • Lead Tracking: With smart lists & integrated communication tools track, follow-up leads and convert them into client and opportunities. Monitor your status of leads within the sales funnel in real-time. Track the customer activities – calls completed, meetings done, rate cards sent – and identify what to do next for conversion of the lead.
  • Lead Scoring: Innovative Lead Scoring methods (Ideal Profile Scoring, Engagement Scoring, Fruition Scoring) to keep tab on hot prospective clients.
  • Sales Playbook Automation: Sales stages can be defined to suit your needs. Process Road-maps helps to define the actions to be performed for each stage in order. To close more deals / bookings, your team needs to follow a better process all deals and process road-map automation in Kreato just ensures that.
  • Streamline communication with Email and cloud telephony integration.
  • Tasks Tracking, Appointment Scheduling & Team Collaboration.
  • Track customer engagement & activities in real-time.
Selling in Hospitality sector require a more relationship approach. Kreato is better built for these kind of sales, making it easy to manage a high-value relationship, delivering better visibility into the sales pipeline and empowering to close more bookings / deals.

  • Sales Opportunities Generation: For hospitality industry, new sales opportunities for will come from new clients and existing clients as well. Kreato helps to maintain stronger relationship Index, track their history & personal preferences, stay connected to up-sell or generate sales opportunities from existing clients.
  • Sales Pipeline Tracking: With smart lists & integrated communication tools track, follow-up sales pipeline, prioritize profitable deals and win them.
  • Sales Playbook Automation: Sales stages can be defined to suit your needs. Process Road-maps helps to define the actions to be performed for each stage in order. To close more leads, your team needs to follow a better process all opportunities / deals and process road-map automation in Kreato just ensures that.
  • Streamline communication with Email and cloud telephony integration.
  • Tasks Tracking, Appointment Scheduling & Team Collaboration.
  • Track customer engagement & activities in real-time.
Kreato works as a virtual assistant for your team – works 24/7, automates most of the data entry and administrative activities of your team. Frees up your team to spend more time on productive activities. Increases your team productivity.

Automation of processes and manual data entry will save time and effort. Also Automation enables to track the process in a structured manner.

Kreato makes it easy to automate workflow procedures, approvals, set up auto-responders (automatic messages), assign tasks on conditions and update data fields when certain criteria is met.

  • Kreato auto captures / logs activity (tasks, calls, mails) data and attributes / associates to customer records automatically.
  • Lead Distribution: Automatically assigns new leads to right sales executive based on projects,  location, type of lead, source of lead, round robin technique and other conditional parameters.
  • Sends Personalized First Response to every new lead.
  • Automates Client Communications (pre-sales & post-sales follow-up communications at scheduled intervals): sends templated Email & SMS notifications.
  • Assigns tasks to team automatically on specific events.
  • Auto generates reports and mails it to concerned.
  • Automatically triggers actions (as configured) when certain conditions are met.
  • Automatically update fields like due date.
In a competitive industry like Hospitality, it is extremely important to stay right on top of the customer’s mind. You need to stay connected with them with not the general cold e-mails but with personalized text messages and phone calls as well.

Kreato CRM tightly (functionally) integrated with Email, Cloud Telephony and Text Messaging services provides unified communication capabilities to your team.

In-built AI / cognitive computing capabilities of Kreato automates the communication process intelligently, helps your team to determine the priority, best time to call or email, best channel to communicate, thereby simplifying the process beyond expectations.

Streamline Email Communications. Utilizing text-messaging in a smart way can increase contact rates by as much as 10X.

  • Templates & mail-merge system in Kreato allows you to personalize emails and text-messages with customer information on the fly. This allows your communications to achieve maximum impact with leads and contacts.
  • You can also schedule the email to reach out to clients at the right time.
  • Track your sent mails. Get real-time notifications when customer opens your email or clicks links in the email.
  • Send notifications to customers via SMS.
  • Kreato captures / logs all email interactions automatically for future reference.
  • Integrate your customer (common) email inbox. Receive mails in CRM and auto associate mails with respective customers.
  • Send Mass Mails to group of customers at one click (Eg: New Project Inaugural Offer).
  • Automate sending greetings for customer birthday / anniversary.
  • Maintain library of email and text messaging templates.
  • Publish a permission based e-mail newsletter.

Streamline your telephonic communications with comprehensive Cloud Telephony integration.

  • Click-to-call customers from CRM
  • Intelligent Call Routing of incoming calls
  • Popup with vital data for incoming calls
  • Your call records are automatically logged and related to respective customer record automatically for future reference.
  • Get access to call recordings from CRM. Hear your call with the customer any time again for reference.


Supported Email, Text Messaging & Cloud Telephony Service Providers

  • SendGrid
  • MVaayoo
  • Knowlarity
  • Exotel
  • MyOperator
  • Ozonetel
  • Twilio
  • Plivo
AI is the concept of having the system to perform the tasks like reasoning, planning, learning and understanding language. Application of AI helps you with insights into data that your sales professional or customer service professional could never assimilate on his own.

Popular AI techniques used in Kreato CRM are machine learning, predictive analytics and natural language processing. Kreato provides predictive recommendations & contextual insights to focus on what’s most important and engage customers intelligently (pro-actively).

In-built with AI capabilities, Kreato augments cognitive capabilities of your sales team, helps them to take smart decisions, work more productively and achieve better results.

  • Prioritizes hot leads (new prospects) with Fruition Scoring
  • Auto suggests customer follow-ups To be done
  • Predicts leads who needs immediate attention
  • Predicts Optimal Time & Best Channel to engage customer
  • Enforces to respond customer emails & calls in time
  • Intelligently Routes calls to respective authority or executive
  • Intelligent data fields to quickly surface important data such as last engaged date, inactivity period etc.
Embedded with Natural Language Processing capabilities, Kreato provides a Artificial Intelligence layer for email, auto categorizes, highlights and prompts you to focus on what matters most.

  • Interprets incoming emails & auto categorizes them with tags like Meeting Request, Query, Appreciation etc.
  • Interprets incoming emails & highlights emails where customer expects response.
  • Interprets incoming emails & highlights emails where customer is expecting an event scheduling.
  • You can also define custom categorization with list of associated key words.
  • Predicts best engaging email templates which helps to bring more success.
Kreato leverages AI to deliver intelligent team performance analytics for you to comprehensively evaluate and coach the team effectively.

  • Leader boards gives real-time visibility of team’s productivity, instantly recognize top performers and fosters a feeling of being appreciated at work.
  • Multiple leaderboards to track Engagement, Activity, Lead Pipeline and Opportunity Pipeline performances.
  • AI driven metrics to track performance of team members bench-marking with team & top performer.
Kreato helps to streamline customer data to understand customers’ needs, preferences, behaviour, and satisfactorily address their complaints.

Every single customer related issue can be attended promptly, tracked and effectively solved quickly using the help desk management  & knowledge management tools provided by Kreato CRM and as a result, deliver better customer experience, drive repeat business and retain customers for lifetime.

  • Effectively manage, track & resolve customer cases and queries with robust Help Desk automation.
  • Answer customer queries & resolve issues quickly with Knowledge-base & Solution builder.
  • Manage set of canned messages to reply customers easily and quickly.
  • Create tickets automatically from your support email inbox, support calls & web forms.
  • Auto distribute new tickets to right support executive.
  • Automate sending ticket status updates to customers.
  • Collaborate with team via real-time activity feeds and notes
Interactive graphical dashboards and Reports gives instant access and enables your team to analyse metrics or the information that matters.

  • Having a dashboard view of your current business opportunities as well as the ability to see historical information quickly and easily can make a big difference to your productivity levels.
  • Keep tab on metrics like conversion rate, pipeline value, opportunities in progress and analyzed data like: Top Lead Sources, Top team performer etc
  • In addition to pre-defined dashboards & reports Kreato allows you to define custom dashboards and reports.
  • Kreato enables users to schedule, deliver, and download reports to make sure key stake holders are always aware of the current status.