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Online Learning Courses from Kreato

Kreato Academy delivers online learning courses to master using and managing Kreato CRM. Courses for each core CRM skills (sales, marketing and support) will be introduced. We are coming up Certifications to conduct tests and certify Kreato CRM Professionals.

Kreato CRM Professional

A comprehensive course that covers all the core elements of Kreato CRM.  This curriculum introduces the fundamentals of the features of Kreato CRM and teach you how to use them effectively.


Note: Currently open to Kreato Customers Only

Kreato CRM Admin Professional

This courses includes the curriculum which covers all the concepts to setup and manage Kreato CRM.  You will learn all the basics of initial setup to configuring and customizing Kreato CRM.


Note: Currently open to Kreato Customers Only

Students & Professionals
Learn and Grow! Acquire valuable technology skills to manage customer relationships and learn tools to perform customer associated business processes management such as marketing, sales and support.
Businesses using Kreato
At Kreato academy, we are happy to helps businesses using Kreato to manage talent & skill development for their employees. We also make it easier to hire certified Kreato CRM professional for your business.