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Intelligently qualify your incoming leads with Kreato’s Science backed profile & behavioral
scoring techniques. No more guesswork for your sales team on spotting the right prospects.

Profile Lead Scoring

Profile scoring mechanism helps you to ascertain how well an incoming lead fits your target audience. Also you will be able to easily determine how aligned is the need of lead to the products or services being offered.

Behavioral Lead Scoring

Kreato’s intelligent behavioral scoring helps you to dynamically measure the sales readiness of any prospects identified, based on the interest shown on various engagement channels (emails, calls & in-person visits) and their active participations on demo or online sessions/discussions.

Science Driven Rating

No more guesswork on optimizing scoring parameters to finetune the scoring process. Kreato helps you to scientifically derive the opt parameters with out-of-box intelligence reports such as Lead conversion success insights and Customer engagement pattern analysis.