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Lead Scoring helps to rank & prioritize leads who are more likely to become a customer. Helping the sales team to focus efforts on the hot prospects, Lead Scoring techniques in Kreato increases sales efficiency & effectiveness thus resulting in more sales.

Innovative Scoring Techniques

Kreato comes with innovative scoring techniques to prioritize sales ready leads – Ideal profile scoring and AI driven Behavioral Scoring.

Easily Identify Hot Leads

You can filter and sort leads based on lead scores. Custom list views based on lead scores helps you spot hot leads easily.

Lead Scoring Features in Kreato CRM

Ideal Profile Scoring

Static score which measures how well a lead fits your target audience and how aligned your product or service is with needs of the lead.

Behavioral Scoring

Dynamic measure that indicates sales readiness based their response to your emails and calls, and any other sales engagement activity you can measure.

Power of AI

Scoring configuration based on AI driven intelligence for customer engagement and sales performance provides better results.