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All smart lead tracking, sales pipeline management, customer engagement & team productivity management tools tailored to your needs. Streamline your sales process with focus to customer success to consistently win deals.

Track Your Leads Effectively

Capture, organize, properly track and qualify every lead your business receives. Optimize your sales pipeline.

Manage & Grow Your Pipeline

Proactively manage current opportunities in your sales pipeline and track through stages to sales closure.

Lead & Sales Pipeline Management Features in Kreato

Lead Profiling

Define perfect lead profile with custom fields required for the right targeting.

Lead & Sales Pipeline Tracking

Track leads & opportunities in real-time via stages, custom views & smart list filters.

Lead Conversion

Convert leads to opportunities easily with automated conversion process.

Sales Process Roadmaps

Process Road-maps ensures team follows right process for every lead and deal.

Ideal Customer Profile Scoring

Auto scoring to measure how best the lead is fit for your product or service.

Accounts & Contacts

Profile, segment and centralize accounts & contacts as your business needs.

True 360 Degree Data View

Intelligent presentation of customer data and interactions in a unified page.

Team Timeline Feeds

Collaborate, share and track all customer interactions and data in real-time.

Quote Generation

Manage price lists. Generate custom quotes and send them via mail.

Multi Channel Customer Engagement Tools For Your Sales Team

Email & Text Messaging

Send and receive emails from CRM. Send transactions notifications via SMS.

Email & SMS Templates

Personalize and maintain consistency in customer communications.

Email Inbox Integration

Integrate your sales email. Receive and auto associate mails with respective leads.

Mass Emails & SMS

Send an email or text message to a group of contacts or leads all at the same time.


With cloud telephony integration, make outbound calls directly from CRM.

Intelligent Call Routing

With Cloud telephony integration, get incoming calls routed to lead owners.

Team Productivity Management Features in Kreato CRM

Tasks & Reminders

Assign & manage tasks. Notifications to team on new assignments and due times.

Sales Targets & Goals

Set sales targets for your team. Track their progress individually.

Knowledge Base Builder

Manage shared inventory of manuals & presentations used in the sales process.

Intelligent Notifications

Get notified on new assignments, customer email responses, status updates etc

Live Track Team Activities

Auto captures sales activities and helps to track what your team is doing currently.

Track High Performers

Instant Intelligence to track who engages more, responds faster & collaborates more.

Sales and Team Activity Insights – Dashboards & Reports

Lead Funnel Insights

Leads by status, Leads by Source, Leads by owners, Lead disqualification reasons etc

Sales Pipeline Insights

Deals by status, Deals by stages, Deals by owners, Deals Loss reasons etc


Key actions completed, Tasks completed, Status updates and Notes created.

Email Engagement Insights

Emails Sent by team, Emails opened & clicked by customers, Emails received etc

Call Engagement Insights

Calls made by team, Calls answered by customers, Calls received from customers etc

AI Driven Activity Insights

Time to First Action, Time to respond emails, Time spent on calls etc.