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Helps sales reps to focus on the right deals with scientifically driven predictive scoring. Enables Sales Managers to track &
drive attention of sales reps on deals at risk or performance bottlenecks via prescriptive insights.

Deal Scoring

Kreato analyzes historical deal data and identifies patterns & factors that drives the winning & losing deals. Combining these factors & volume of activities happening on a deal, it assigns score on each open deal indicating the likelihood of success, helping the team to prioritize & focus on the right deals.

Prescriptive Deal Insights

Kreato analyzes all the won deals over a period of time and derives the set of pipeline standards that usually keeps the deals on track and out of risk. Bench-marking these standards, Kreato automates the pipeline review, monitors all open deals for any non-compliance 24/7 and surface deals at risk if any immediately with the needed corrective action.

Proactive Pipeline Tracking

Combining the opportunity scoring and prescriptive deal insights, Kreato provides sales managers with easy options to navigate the high potential and risky deals with no much efforts.This helps them to keep track the pipeline health 24/7 and coach the team whenever required.