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A Sales Process Roadmap identifies a logical sequence of activities that are consistently implemented from prospecting through to closing. Implementing the process road-map directly in CRM maximizes its capabilities. Process Road-map feature is available across all Kreato CRM editions.

How It Helps

Process Roadmap enables your sales team to handle leads & deals using a repeatable series of steps and best practices. It provides the directions and the process to be effective and consistent.

How It Works

With process roadmaps defined for leads & deals, Kreato auto drives team to perform next strategic steps and ensures they follow right process for every lead & deal.

Process Road-map Features in Kreato CRM

Roadmaps for Leads & Deals

Kreato helps sales leaders to define process roadmaps for both leads & deals separately.Easier to implement and adopt.

Process Roadmap Automation

Kreato auto guides the lead or deal owner to take up the next key action or step in sequence with options to start & skip.

Track Sales Life-cycle

Visual display of the roadmap helps to determine quickly where your lead or deal is, activities completed & next steps to do.

Track Over-due Key Actions

Smart lists for leads & deals with Intelligent Filters helps to identify easily the set of leads or deals in which key-actions are over-due.

Process Road-map Reports

Intelligent analytics to figure out average timelines for each key-action and how many key-actions are completed on-time

Effective Team Performance

Process Roadmaps ensures the sales team follows right process for every customer and helps them to close more deals.