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Gamified CRM for increased user adoption, productivity & competitiveness

Gamification is nothing but the application of game mechanics to infuse the competition in any environment, thus making the world much more lively & interesting. In CRM world, gamification is usually applied through the concepts of leader-boards & category based game events.

Leader-boards are similar to our school or college time scorecards, reporting the top performers on various categories (subjects), thus injecting interest in the lower pyramid to move upward. Game events are nothings but the mechanism through which points/scores are provided for various team activities and winners are decided based on the total scores earned.

User Adoption:

One of the major problem faced by any CRM managers is to make their team members to effectively & regularly use CRM, so that they could see quality data being captured on customers & sales. With the scoring & rewarding mechanism introduced via gamification implementation, now the users will be self-compelled to record their CRM activities to showcase their performance & success.


After user adoption, increasing team productivity would be the major target of any sales manager to get more sales done. For an example, if your data intelligence says that higher call engagement leads to more sales closure but your team making less contacts, then you could introduce a game with more scores provided for every call made, thus stirring interest in every sales rep mind towards call engagement.


Not every sales person is same. Someone could be better or interested on customer engagements, whereas someone interest lies on offline activities. Even though bringing everyone to the same level of competitiveness is difficult, games organized with scores measured for various quantifiable sales data (leads converted, sales won, revenue generated, task completed) and non-quantifiable factors (emails, calls, collaborations, sales conversion rate, call answering rate, time taken to respond emails / first engagement), will provide a platform to sales rep’s to measure their strength & weakness thus helping them to race wherever required.

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