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Stay up to date on the latest trends and enhance your skills to grow sales.

Kreato CRM Academy aims to keep the users up to date on the latest trends in sales industry, enrich their skills to grow sales, and educate them on the Kreato platform. From single lesson short courses to comprehensive certification courses, all courses are completely online and free.


Kreato CRM Admin Fundamentals

Learn to set up and start using the readily available functionalities of Kreato CRM including portal setup, users, roles, profile, etc.
5 Lessons | 30 mins

Kreato CRM User Fundamentals

Get trained on the basics of Kreato CRM and user activities like adding and managing leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.
5 Lessons | 30 mins

AI For Sales Fundamentals

Get introduced to how Artificial Intelligence concepts can be applied for sales and benefits of leveraging AI for sales.
5 Lessons | 30 mins
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