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Learn what is Sales CRM, what a Sales CRM can help your business to accomplish, and more.

What is Sales CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions refer to the software that enables an organization to improve its relationship with customers and prospects. CRM solutions are generally classified under three facets namely Sales, Marketing, and Service (Customer Support).

A Sales CRM is a system or software used to streamline sales pipeline management, manage a database of prospects and customers, manage all touch-points with prospects and customers throughout the sales process, nurture the generated leads, and convert those leads to sales. Simply put,  a Sales CRM helps to manage the entire sales cycle. Sales CRM is also referred to as Salesforce Automation software.

Lead Management

Pipeline Management

Accounts & Contacts Management

Sales Automation

Sales Engagment

Sales Forecasting

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Task Management

Team Collaboration

What a Sales CRM can help you to accomplish?

Starting with lead capturing, engaging, nurturing till sales closure or conversion, Sales CRM software will help the sales team to cover the complete LOC (Lead to Opportunities to Closure) sales cycle with needed tools.

Lead management helps to streamline your lead gathering, distribution, nurturing, and conversion of leads, whereas the opportunity management takes care of opportunity tracking until their closure. Account & Contact management helps to track and view 360-degree view of accounts and contacts covering their contact details, related deals, engagements & timeline activities.

Sales engagement tools facilitate customer engagement from within CRM itself, whereas the automation tools help to automate the redundant and time-intensive manual tasks performed by the sales team. And the sales forecasting helps to derive accurate revenue forecasts, whereas the sales reports provide drill-down analysis on the sales pipeline and team performance.

Once introduced timely, sales CRM equips the sales team with the needed tools to eradicate the above shortcomings. Also, it augments the sales execution capabilities of the sales team throughout the sales process.

Signs Your business needs a Sales CRM

Inefficient sales pipeline & customer data management, poor customer communications, and low & inconsistent sales team performance are the major indicators for the need of sales CRM. Few examples are:

  • Your customer data is disorganized and lost frequently
  • Inconsistent sales process and workflows
  • Little or no visibility of how is your sales progressing
  • Sales team productivity lost in redundant mundane tasks
  • Difficult to track your team performance
  • Complex and manual report generation
  • No room for immediate scalability

Benefits of Sales CRM

Some of the advantages that Sales CRM empowers the sales team with:

Automated Lead Management

Starting with lead capturing, distributing the incoming leads to sales reps and further nurturing leads with auto-triggered campaigns, Sales CRM can automate most of the lead management activities.

Customer Segmentation

Sales CRM makes it easy to segment & classify customer data for easier navigations and further provides with a 360-degree view of customers covering contact details, related deals, engagements & timeline activities.

Consistent Sales Performance

Sales CRM helps to define the uniform process roadmap for your end to end the L-O-C sales cycle and ensure your sales team follows the right & consistent sales process for every lead or deal.

Improved Customer Communications

Sales CRM provides the sales team with needed engagement tools to engage and track the customer communications be it via email, call, or text message right within the CRM.

Automation of Non Core Sales Activities

Sales CRM helps to automate sending status notifications to customers. Also, it further helps to auto-assign and track sales reps tasks & calendar schedules with timely reminders.

Sales Forecasts and Target Predictions

Deriving sales forecasts and tracking target achievements still remains the prime concern of most of the sales managers. Sales CRM provides the necessary tools to achieve the same.

Insightful reports and analysis

Access auto-generated insightful reports on lead conversion, pipeline progress, customer engagement, and team productivity with no manual research and analysis via reporting tools supported by Sales CRM.

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