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All smart lead management, sales pipeline tracking and productivity tools readily available to streamline your sales
process and consistently win deals.

Lead Management

Profile leads with custom attributes specific to your business and segment them via custom view & intelligent filters. Engage & nurture leads via personalized mailers, calls & drip campaigns. Track conversion progress through pre-built or custom stages.

Opportunities Management

Customize deal stages specific to your sales process. Monitor deals progress via their timeline, which auto tracks all the stage movements, email conversations, call engagements, in-person visits, notes and any other activities performed by the sales reps.

Accounts & Contacts

Manage your client database with related contact points via Account & Contact Management tools. Get true 360 degree view of customer covering contact details, related deals, engagements & timeline activities in a unified page.

Sales Sequence (Process Roadmap)

With Sales Sequence tool, define the uniform process roadmap for your end to end L-O-C sales cycle and ensure your sales team follows the right & consistent sales process for every lead or deal that is assigned to them with no manual supervision.

Sales Forecasting & Target Predictions

Derive accurate revenue forecast and ascertain the goal attainment of sales reps revenue targets. More importantly get to know the real probability of the forecast derived with AI driven forecast accuracy and probability intelligence.

Tasks & Team Collaborations

Assign & manage sales reps activities via tasks with scheduled reminders. Sales reps can collaborate effectively on lead & deal progress via instant timeline feeds and document sharing.

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