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With this Buffer Social Marketing App integration, you can easily automate managing your social media sharing and effectively reach your prospective customers at the opt time, thus generating more leads forĀ  your business.

This integration will provide you the following benefits.

  • You could simplify your social routine by scheduling posts on all of your social media networks
    With just one click, instead of posting to each of the social mediums separately.
  • Also the social media posts can be shared instantly or buffered it so that it will be shared on a phased manner or even it can scheduled for a specific time.

What I should do to integrate this App?

Just activate this App at your Kreato CRM Portal.

How long will it take to integrate this App?

This App can be integrated in minutes.

How much does this App cost per month?

It is charged at Rs.200 per month per business.

Any trial provided to evaluate this App?

Yes. We provide 15 days free trial for all our Apps.
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