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With aid of AI and Robotic Automation based tools, Kreato helps sales teams to drive customer communications
efficiently. Does all the heavy lifting allowing sales teams to do much more.

With natural language processing and conversation analytics tools, gain instant & insightful intelligence on customer email engaging trends discovering their interest, intent and context.

Open Click Alerts

Kreato helps your sales team to watch customer interest in the sales conversations through live tracking their email engagements. Sales reps will be provided with instant alert on any email open or links clicked by customers while reading.

Email Intent Analysis

Predicts the intent of any email received, be it a callback, support, query, activity schedule or request for an email response. Spend less time on reading through emails and understand the intent of email without even opening it.

Contextual Keyword Search

Using natural language processing and email content, Kreato’s powerful conversation analytics helps to search keywords that matters to your business most, thus providing you with more context on any email lead received.

Contact Details Capturing

Not every time your sales rep recognizes the additional contact details noticed on the sales emails and mark it down for additional references. No worries. Kreato automates this job and alerts sales reps on any such instances.

Activity Schedule

At some instances, even though sales reps recognizes the activity requested by customer on the email received, they tend to forget setting reminders whenever necessary. With the help of natural language processing, Kreato identifies each such instance with a reminder alert.

Auto drafted contextual responses

Most of the sales reps efforts usually lost on responding customer emails with request for callback or activity schedule with no timeline or contact details mentioned. Kreato find such instances and provide sales rep with drafted responses ready.

Advanced Email Analytics

Learn how your sales emails are performing. Get insights such as email open rate / response rate from your customers and the average email response time of your sales reps. Also gain intelligence on which email templates invokes more customer engagements.

Email Trend Analysis

Using Natural language processing, Kreato scans the received sales emails for keywords and provide insights on the trends or sentiments of sales emails you receive in a specific period of time.
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