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Kreato accelerates sales with its Sales CRM Platform powered by in-built (patent pending) Sales Acceleration AI – Axlerate. Core Sales CRM arms sales teams with much-needed sales execution capabilities with the right mixture of sales pipeline management, engagement, and automation tools, whereas Axlerate AI augments sales team decision making and execution capabilities throughout the LOC (Lead-Opportunity-Closure) sales cycle to sell faster, smarter and more.

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Axlerate AI acts as a personal data scientist guiding sales reps to sell faster, smarter and more.

Lead Scoring

Prioritize leads that matches with your business profile and are predicted more likelihood to close.

Pipeline Prescriptions

Proactively surfaces deals nearing the risk zone with corrective guidance to get them on track.

Activity Data Capture

Auto associate incoming email, call and calendar activities to relevant CRM records.

Sales Forecast Probability

Foresee real probability of sales forecast derived and take proactive steps as required.

Engagement Recommendations

Engage customers on time by reaching them on the channel and time that workouts.

Email Intent Tagging

Prioritize and work on emails that need immediate attention without even opening them.

Lead & Opportunity Insights

Get access to patterns & trends on leads and opportunities to decide the next best action.

Team Performance Insights

Get collective, relative and individual rep productivity insights across sales cycle.

Team Performance Coaching

Personalize sales reps coaching knowing each individual’s area of improvement.

Be productive on the go with Kreato.

Native Mobile Apps available for IOS & Android Platforms.


Save serious time and efforts of your sales team to focus on real selling.

Auto Profile Enrichment

Discovers and adds rich layer of information to customer profiles automatically.

Lead Capturing

Auto captures new leads from web forms, landing pages, emails, calls, chats & more.

Lead Distribution

Auto distributes new incoming leads to right sales reps using intelligent mechanisms.

Task Assignment

Auto assigns tasks to sales reps based on pipeline events and state changes.

Reports Scheduling

Auto generate and email pre-configured reports to management as per schedule.

External Triggers

Auto trigger pipeline data or state changes to external systems via web-hooks/API.

Email Responders

Auto trigger email responses to customers based on specific actions or pipeline progress.

Drip Email Campaigns

Auto send successive set of personalized emails to customers at pre-defined schedules.

Email Scheduling

Schedule pre-drafted emails to customers on the best probable time they read.


We offer 15 days full featured free trial with no obligations. 


Engage customers through all channels from within CRM via plug-n-play integrations.

Sales Email

Email customers from within CRM. Use templates for consistency. Track opens & clicks.

In-Built Dialer

Make calls from within CRM with auto logged call recordings & text transcriptions.


Text customers from within CRM for transactional updates and reminders.

Ready to see how Kreato can help your business to grow sales?

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Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

  • Perfect and user-friendly software. Any layman can use it and learn very fast.

    Dipak JainCEO, APX International
  • Kreato CRM has helped to automate and streamline most of our day-to-day activities and customer communications.

    Mariam KhanDirector, Faayah Product Pvt Ltd (FMCG Distribution)
  • Good CRM at a good Cost. Mainly we were looking to automate & organize our pre-sales process. And with cloud telephony integration, we could easily track responses to our Ad campaigns. The help & setup videos clinched the deal Special Thanks to the Kreato support team for making it so easy to implement.

    Prashant ChopraDirector, PSSRajan Developers
  • All the features in Kreato are amazing. Kreato has become an integral part of our sales process. With Kreato CRM, now we get clear visibility on our business process, sales pipeline and follow-ups.

    Madhan KumaranCEO, Fedify Technologies
  • We have found Kreato extremely helpful and adaptive. The interface is quite flexible and easy to be customized. Kreato has really helped our team to be productive and proactive. I strongly recommend Kreato CRM.

    Abishek JainCEO, Trip Planners
  • Kreato makes us organized and has effectively transformed our pipeline visibility. With the sales acceleration AI, it has taken us to the next level as far as the ability to derive instant intelligent insights with the data not only to analyze sales and team performance but also to efficiently execute the day-to-day sales activities.

    Sundeep AmarDirector, Biogenuix
  • Ability to track, analyze email and calls has greater impact on sales conversations. Lead management is now process driven. With all needed productivity tools and intelligence, Kreato is the right solution for us to grow faster.

    BoominathanDirector, Kingmakers
  • Have become more data-centric. Data insights help us to understand the business, make the right decisions, and to determine the next step for success. Having a sales acceleration integrated CRM like this is very important. I can see that our sales approach has been successfully evolved.

    Niranjan KumarManaging Director, KPI India
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