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With ever growing competition and increase in demanding & knowledgeable customers, things are not easy for the real estate sector (Developers, Brokerage / Agency) as they used to be. Being relationship driven business sector, adopting CRM technology is the key to solve the challenges. Kreato, an automation and artificial intelligence powered CRM platform helps your real estate firm to maximize conversion rates, close more deals and accelerate growth.

How It Works

Manual methods of lead tracking are prone to leakage resulting in loss of opportunity. And in real estate business sustained customer interaction and follow-up efforts are required to convert more leads,  close more deals and generate repeat business.

CRM system with solid lead and pipeline management process, integrated communication (email & call) tools, and intelligent analytics will help your team to stay on top of all  lead follow-ups and deals closure. Adoption of CRM technology increases efficiency, accountability and productivity of your team. And your outstanding customer service results in happier customers, repeat business and referrals.

How Kreato Helps Your Business To Accelerate Sales?

Sales CRM system with just traditional CRM capabilities are no longer enough to be competitive. All your Firm need is a new age Sales CRM with Artificial Intelligence & sales acceleration capabilities such as sales automation, predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, lead prioritization, email tracking and inbound call tracking.

Kreato automates most of data entry & routine activities of your team. Using magical powers, Kreato auto updates the system: every time someone in your firm interacts with a client (mail or call), saving time and giving you confidence to know what’s going on.

Powered with AI Capabilities Kreato can intelligently drive your team to adapt successful process for every client, helps your team to be proactive,  alert you if things are going off track, auto guides team with predictive recommendations & contextual insights to focus on what’s most important and perform right activities at right time in right way.

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  • Good CRM at a good Cost. Mainly we were looking to automate & organize our pre-sales process. And with cloud telephony integration, we could easily track responses to our Ad campaigns. The help & setup videos clinched the deal Special Thanks to the Kreato support team for making it so easy to implement.

    Prashant ChopraDirector, PSSRajan Developers
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