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AI powered diagnostic analysis of sales team performance pin-pointing the required areas of improvement.
Make sales reps to stay competitive on their under-performing areas with game mechanics.

Performance Leaderboards

Find from your team who is performing and who is not. Kreato provides performance pyramids for managers to easily visualize the top, average and below average performers. With this you will be able to ascertain the performance of sales rep’s on various categories such as pipeline execution, email & call engagements, in-person meets and task executions.

Performance Prescriptions

Kreato AI engine keep track of each sales rep behavior analyzing their emails, calls, meetings & pipeline and identifies the performance patterns that leads to the top performance. And then provides actionable performance prescriptions sourced from these patterns to the sales manager or sales reps.

Personalized Coaching

With the performance prescription readily available, either sales reps can self-access their area of improvement or sales managers can coach them to reach the desired performance level.

Performance Benchmarks

Discover the relative performance of your sales reps. Kreato with the help of machine learning, help sales managers with the self-benchmarking mechanism to figure out how each of the sales rep has achieved the performance levels on various categories considering their past performance levels. Similar to performance leaderboards, benchmark analytics can be derived on pipeline, engagement and task execution.

Game Scorecards

Kreato helps to fuel the team competitiveness via game mechanics. Game Scorecards are nothing but the playful way to set some performance thresholds or targets and make the team to compete for the top scores.  Kreato AI engine keep track of each sales rep behavior analyzing their emails, calls, meetings & pipeline to identify the performance patterns that can be targeted for gaming.

Individualized Games

With the help of performance leaderboards and identified performance patterns, sales managers can introduce tailor made games for underperforming sales reps based on their suggested areas of improvement.
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