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Enhance your call conversation and optimize sales calling strategies with Kreato’s intelligence tools & out-of-box reports.

Call Intent Analysis

Kreato employs Natural Language processing techniques on call transcripts to trace specific linguistic patterns to categorize the call conversations. With all your sales calls auto-tagged, your sales team can easily identify various intentions such as support request, query or any activity request from the customer calls.

Call Sentiment Analysis

In addition to the intent tagging, Kreato’s artificial intelligence also helps to trace the sentiment of every call conversation. With this you will be easily able to identify if any negative calls and attend to the leads or deals for immediate action.

Predictive Call Engagement

Similar to the email predictions, Kreato also analyzes the metadata of past call conversations and predict the best probable time to callback customer, thus leading to more successful sales conversations.

Out-of-Box Reports

Optimize your call outreach techniques with Kreato’s out-of-box reports provided on various key metrics such as call connection rate, call frequency, time spent & call intent. Further to this quickly check for the frequency of specific terms including your competitor names or your product features spotted on customer interactions.