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Get a 24/7 working intelligent virtual sales assistant for your sales team. Automates  manual data entry and routine sales activities. Auto enforces sales process with automated tasks and auto suggestion of next key actions. Boost sales productivity.

Spend More On Actual Selling

Spend less on routine sales activities and more on high value activities such as follow-ups, negotiations.

Auto Enforces Consistent Team Performance

Kreato auto drives Reps to adapt the process for all deals. Keep Reps Accountable for Their Deals.

Automate Routine Lead & Sales Management Activities

Auto Capture Leads

Auto captures leads from web forms, emails, calls, chats & marketing platforms.

First Response to Leads

Automatically sends personalized first response to every enquiry received.

Auto Nurture Your Leads

Send automated, personalized drip email campaigns to invoke & sustain interest.

Send Transaction updates

Automate sending transaction updates to customers via Email or SMS.

Log Activities Automatically

Kreato automatically captures all activity and logs them in team timeline feed.

Auto Capture Communications

Auto capture and log all email and calls for easy reference.

Report Generation & Mailing

Auto generate reports on timely basis (day, week, month) and get it emailed.

Document Generation

Automate generation of documents like quotes on status updates.

Intelligent Reminders

Get alerts (on screen, Email, SMS) when new leads assigned, tasks assigned etc.

Auto Enforce Sales Process & Workflows

Auto Lead Distribution

With automatic routing rules, assign new leads to right sales rep automatically.

Suggested Next Key Actions

Auto suggests next key action to be performed as per the defined process .

Automated Task Assignment

Set rules to dynamically assign tasks on stage changes and specific events.

Field Updates

Setup workflow triggers to perform necessary field updates automatically.

Stage Conversion

Define workflow rules to automatically move to next stage on status changes.

External Data Flow

Automate via web hooks to push data from CRM to other systems like ERP.