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Derive accurate revenue forecast and ascertain the goal attainment of sales reps revenue targets with AI driven conversion probability intelligence and sales forecast tools.

Sales Targets & Goals

Set revenue targets for sales rep’s and track their progress individually. Create monthly, quarterly or annual based targets and encourage sales rep’s to make every effort to achieve their goals.

Close Date Predictions

No more your sales reps have to guess when a deal will close. Kreato leverages historical pipeline progress data (Stage-to-Stage progression from initial till deal closure) and helps sales reps to accurately arrive at the deal close date for sales forecast.

Conversion Probabilities

Conversion probabilities help to prevent the guesswork out of sales forecasting. Kreato analyzes the historical pipeline conversion data to find the deal winning stage attributes and uses this information to accurately forecast sales revenue on various probabilities.

Readily Available Forecast Reports

Kreato provides sales managers with comprehensive forecast report combing both the target achievement and revenue forecast of their sales team with easy-to-understand visualization. Also Kreato helps to visualize the sale forecast based on various pre-set probabilities.