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Kreato comes integrated with multi communication channels – email, cloud telephony and text messaging which empowers to engage customers via phone calls, email & text messages from within CRM. Kreato provides consistent reporting and auto logging of customer interactions.

Efficient Communication Process

CRM integrated multi-channel communications approach increases the efficiency and the productivity of your communications process. Better communication improves the experience for the organization and customers.

Boost Customer Engagement with AI

AI capabilities empowers you to predict optimal time and best channel to engage the customer. Emails are automatically interpreted to be categorized and emails that need response & activity schedules are highlighted.

Multi Channel Communication Features in Kreato CRM

Email & Text Messaging

Send personalized emails from CRM. Send transaction notifications via SMS.

Email & SMS Templates

Personalize and maintain consistency in customer communications.

Sales Email Synchronization

Integrate your sales email. Receive and auto associate mails with respective leads and deals.

Personalized Mass Emails & SMS

Send an email or text message to a group of contacts or leads all at the same time.

Fully Customizable Merge Tags

Use merge tags to insert personalized or dynamic content from your list into the campaigns you send.


Auto capture and log all email and call interactions for easy reference.

Intelligent Call Routing

With Cloud telephony integration, get incoming calls routed to lead owners.


With cloud telephony integration, make outbound calls directly from CRM.

Engagement Analytics

Greater insights from interactions with customers. Analyze engagement responses in real-time.