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Lead prioritization in Kreato enables your team to focus their efforts on right leads at right time which helps them to close more deals.

Innovative Scoring Techniques

Kreato comes with innovative scoring techniques to prioritize sales ready leads – Ideal profile scoring, Engagement Scoring and Fruition Scoring.

Engage Leads that needs attention

Be proactive to engage leads which needs immediate attention – leads that are struck, leads which needs follow-up activities.

Lead Prioritization Features in Kreato CRM

Ideal Profile Scoring

Static score which measures how well a lead fits your target audience and how aligned your product or service is with needs of the lead.

Engagement Scoring

Dynamic measure that indicates sales readiness based their response to your emails and calls, and any other engagement activity you can measure.

Fruition Scoring

Innovative collective score to identify the degree of buying intent. Fruition score takes into account the Ideal profile score, engagement score and the milestones achieved for the lead.

Lead Specific Reports

Intelligent dashboards providing insights to assess the leads – find out best lead generation source, best industry etc and prioritize leads accordingly.

Pipeline. AI

AI capabilities to identify leads or deals which needs your immediate attention –  leads that are struck, leads which needs follow-up etc.

Email Tracking

Real-time notifications when customer opens or click content in your email. Follow-up and engage leads at right time.