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Kreato provides Science driven Sales Intelligence around the complete Lead-to-Opportunity-to-Close (LOC) sales
process covering the sales pipeline, customer engagement & team performance.

Kreato auto captures team & prospect activity data such as emails, calls & meetings in addition to the CRM data. Then applies various scientific approaches, reasoning and AI techniques on the harvested data to predict outcomes, identify risks and surface prescriptive & performance insights throughout the LOC sales process.

Lead Scoring

Intelligently qualify your incoming leads with Kreato’s Science backed profile fit & winning probability scoring techniques for leads.

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Deal Scoring & Pipeline Prescriptions

Helps sales reps to focus on the right deals. Drives attention of sales reps on deals at risk or performance bottlenecks via prescriptive insights.

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Data Driven Sales Forecasting

Derive accurate revenue forecast and ascertain the goal attainment of sales reps revenue targets with AI driven forecast accuracy and probability intelligence.

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Email Conversation Intelligence

Enhance your email conversation and optimize sales email strategies with Kreato’s intelligence tools & out-of-box reports.

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Call Conversation Intelligence

Enhance your call conversation and optimize sales calling strategies with Kreato’s intelligence tools & out-of-box reports.

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Team Performance Prescriptions

Identify team performance bottlenecks & address them with recommended measures. Make sales reps to stay competitive AI based game mechanics.

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