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Discover sales insights, predict which lead and deals will close, get recommendations at every stage of the pipeline to stay on top of what’s important. Monitor each rep’s pipeline, engagement, performance and coach them to win more.

Email Conversation Intelligence

With natural language processing and conversation analytics tools, gain instant & insightful intelligence on customer email engaging trends discovering their interest, intent and context.

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Intelligent Pipeline SLAs

With machine learning and pre-defined threshold measures, automate the monitoring of performance ideals on pipeline execution and instantly make sales reps vigilant on any violations.

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Predictive Engagement Intelligence

Reach customers on their active timeline and via their preferred mode of communications, through mashing up past conversation metadata and predictive analytics tools.

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Data Driven Sales Forecasting

Derive accurate revenue forecast and ascertain the goal attainment of sales reps revenue targets with AI driven conversion probability intelligence and sales forecast tools.

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Actionable Sales Intelligence

Get insights on your pipeline success & progress factors with machine learning historical pipeline data. Drive successful customer engagements with gaining quality and quantitative analysis of past call and email conversations.

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Team Leader-boards & Gamification

With pre-designed reports, visualize sales reps performance identifying top and odd performers on various measures. Make sales rep to stay competitive with applying AI based game mechanics.

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