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Artificial Intelligence and Human Like Intelligence capabilities which makes every salesperson more capable by augmenting them. Provides rich contextual insights to focus on what’s important. Auto Prescribes what to do next. Predicts email replies and helps you to send winning email responses quickly.

Virtual Data Scientist for Your Sales Team

Leveraging your CRM (big) data and AI techniques – machine learning, natural language processing & predictive analytics, Kreato assists to understand customers and sell better.

Accelerate Your Sales Productivity

AI capabilities of Kreato adds speed and predictability to your sales process. Empowers Every Sales Person to work more productively and achieve greater sales goals faster.

Pipeline.AI, Email.AI & Predictive Customer Engagement

Act On Sales Ready Leads First

Prioritizes hot leads using fruition scoring based on profile, engagement & likelihood to win.

Never Miss A Follow-up

Auto suggest follow-up activities: Emails awaiting your reply, Calls to be made etc.

Never Lose A Prospect

Proactively notifies on stuck leads or deals which needs your immediate attention.

Always Know What To Do Next

Auto suggests next key action that helps to move the lead to next stage.


Analyzing past engagement responses, recommends best channel to engage.

Predict Best Time To Follow-up

Using predictive data analytics, suggests best time to communicate with customer.

Respond Priority Emails First

Interprets incoming customer emails to auto highlight priority ones to reply first.

Predict Intent of Emails

Auto analyzes incoming sales emails and categorizes them by the purpose.

Intelligent Data Fields

Auto generates intelligent data such as inactivity period, last engaged time etc.

Virtual Email Engagement Assistant

Auto Drafts Email Responses

Predicts email intent, auto drafts response before you can even think of what to write.

Auto Detect Follow-up Requests

Interprets customer emails and auto detects meeting or follow-up schedule requests.

Detect Contact Info in Emails

Detects contact info to auto update your lead records.