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Sales Dialer

With sales dialer that comes in-built with CRM, engage with your customers via calls directly from your CRM auto capturing engagement timelines and conversation metadata (call recordings & transcripts).

Click to Call

No more your sales reps have to shift between CRM and calling platforms or dial-in customer numbers to make sales calls. With cloud telephony integrations such as Twilio, Call your customers instantly from CRM with single button click.

Intelligent Call Routing

Configure pre-set greetings that should be played for calls received. Get incoming calls routed to your sales reps based on sequential, round robin or custom condition based on parameters such as product, service, location or ownership.

Call Recordings & Transcripts

Each sales conversation is automatically recorded and transcribed from speech to text. Call records and transcripts helps you to evaluate and identify your most qualified leads. Gain insights on how sales reps interact with your customers – Identify successful reps and suggest corrective actions to the needed ones.

Auto Log Calls

Kreato auto captures all call conversations (both inbound and outbound) on customer’s timeline with no manual feed required. Also necessary tools provided to listen complete audio recording of call conversations, right from the customer timeline.

Advanced Call Analytics

Get facts on quality & quantity attributes of your sales calls. Know about the call connection rate and get answers to your queries such as “how much time spent on calls by team?” and “Are we missing any customer calls”.