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Kreato provides easy-to-understand intelligent insights analyzing multiple data points of your sales pipeline from all important angles and aspects of sales. Auto capturing most of your sales activity data, Kreato unlocks its potential and brings actionable sales intelligence out-of-the-box. No setup efforts required.

Intelligence to Measure Sales Performance

Data driven metrics to give you intelligent visibility of your sales process. Track performance of lead funnel and sales pipeline in real-time.

Intelligence to Grow Your Sales

Leverage AI to understand what drives your sales and identify sales process bottlenecks. Streamline your sales process to increase sales.

Out-of-the-box Sales Intelligence

Real-time visibility into your Sales providing intelligent insights on Leads funnel, Sales pipeline and Sales success.

Today’s Pulse

What’s up today on Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Tasks?

Inflow Trend Analysis

Compare incoming Leads and Opportunities with past performance.

Lead Conversion Performance

How many converted, total time for conversion, time taken for key actions etc.,

Lead Conversion Success

Progress of leads funnel stage by stage, Key actions on-time execution analysis

Lead Disqualification Analysis

Major reasons for disqualification, Stages at which more leads lost / disqualified.

Customer Engagement

Calls & mails response,  optimal time to call / email, preferred medium to engage?

Sales Pipeline Performance

How many won, How much revenue generated & lost, total time for sales etc.,

Sales Pipeline Success

Progress of pipeline stage by stage, Key actions on-time execution performance

Opportunity Loss Analysis

Major reasons for loss, Stages at which most opportunities lost.