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With machine learning and pre-defined threshold measures, automate the monitoring of performance ideals on pipeline execution and instantly make sales reps vigilant on any violations.

Defined Pipeline SLA’S

Pipeline SLA’S are nothing but the defined performance standard or threshold for pipeline activities such as first response time, email or callback responses , customer follow-ups and stage progressions.

Alerts on Threshold Failures

With machine learning and pipeline timeline data, Kreato alerts sales reps on failing to maintain the thresholds on their assigned pipeline such as failing to response customer email / unanswered call, missing a routine customer follow-up or not progressing from the current stage of the pipeline on time.

Reports on SLA Violation

No more endless time spent by managers on all their team pipeline records to find the odd ones. Kreato provides managers with the easy search option to navigate the exact set of pipeline records that violates any of the defined SLA’S.