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With intuitive sales CRM platform which has AI backed intelligent systems built around the
sales process, Kreato has empowered organizations across industries to grow sales.

With AI inbuilt CRM system for sales, Kreato makes it easy for sales team of Trip Planners to manage high-value relationships, get better visibility into the sales pipeline, prioritize tasks, drive effective sales conversations and gain contextual intelligence to close more sales.

Trip Planners
Trip Planners Travel and Tourism
Travel and tourism organization Trip Planners was established in 2004 as a one stop travel shop for domestic and international travels. The company now has a comprehensive portfolio of travel-related services that includes India & International holiday packages, corporate travel management, worldwide hotel booking, and travel insurance.

The Challenge

To increase sales revenue, help the sales team to be more productive and provide better customer service, Trip Planners decided to go for a CRM system which empowers to have a solid customer acquisition process in place. Because of unorganized customer and sales data, sales team could not effectively track the leads and often results in longer turn-around time.

Trip Planners receive new leads from their website, mails, enquiry calls, online campaigns and market places. Manual capturing of these leads is time intensive and potential leads are lost in between. Since majority of business activity being done over phone and email, there was a strong need to streamline the sales conversations.


Travel & Tourism Services require a more consultative, relationship approach. With AI inbuilt CRM system for sales, Kreato makes it easy to manage high-value relationships, deliver better visibility into the sales pipeline, provide contextual intelligence to close more bookings.

Kreato helped Trip planners to perfectly define the CRM master data, collect manage and link customer information which are best in suit for their business. Organized customer data, intelligent list filters and custom views allowed the team to track prospects in a better way and speed up the consultation times. Not alone the lead capturing, but the mundane tasks like lead assignment, logging of activities and customer communications also automated. The sales team now have more time for sales.

Email and calls are integrated with the system. Conversation intelligence, the AI powered feature of Kreato allowed the sales reps to track email opens, get alerts for priority emails, record, transcript and analyse the sales calls. Integrated communication tools, conversation intelligence and predictive engagement analytics altogether drives effective sales conversations consistently.

Pipeline SLAs (performance standard or threshold levels) for pipeline activities are configured for first response time, email & call-back responses and customer follow-ups. Now the system acts as the virtual sales manager, monitors the health of the pipeline 24/7 and instantly alerts reps when any lead or deal is stuck. The team is able to stay on top of all their follow-ups and bookings.

With intuitive sales CRM system and the power of AI, Kreato has empowered Trip planners to have a solid customer acquisition process in place that led to increase in sales success, enhance team productivity while cutting down the operational costs.

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  • We have found Kreato extremely helpful and adaptive. The interface is quite flexible and easy to be customized. Kreato has really helped our team to be productive and proactive. I strongly recommend Kreato CRM.

    Abishek JainCEO, Trip Planners

Key Features in Kreato CRM That Led To Success

Lead and Sales Pipeline Management

All smart lead management, sales pipeline tracking and productivity tools to streamline your sales process and consistently win deals.

Intelligent Pipeline SLAs

Auto monitors the health of sales pipeline, instantly alerts sales reps on stuck deals and suggests follow-up activities to do.

Conversation Intelligence

Contextual insights to drive effective sales conversations. Track Email opens. Auto record and analyze sales emails & calls. Predict customer intent.

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