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With intuitive sales CRM platform which has AI backed intelligent systems built around the
sales process, Kreato has empowered organizations across industries to grow sales.

AH International leverages AI Powered Kreato CRM and to streamline their sales operations, enhance decision-making, and optimize their revenue generation potential.

AH International
AH International Hospitality
AH International provides single-window solutions for hospitality FF&E and OS&E requirements: sourcing and manufacturing products tailor suited to client needs for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, In Room, Housekeeping, F&B, Kitchen, Banquet, Front Office, Engineering & Security, and Spa departments.

The Challenge

Challenges Faced by AH International:

Complex Sales Cycle: AH International operates in a highly competitive market where the sales cycle involves multiple departments and extensive coordination. Managing leads, opportunities, and closures across various departments presented a significant challenge, resulting in potential revenue leakage and delayed decision-making.

Inefficient Sales Pipeline Management: AH International struggled with a lack of visibility into their sales pipeline. This hindered effective forecasting, resource allocation, and proactive decision-making, leading to missed opportunities and reduced revenue potential.

Manual and Time-consuming Processes: The absence of automation tools forced AH International’s sales team to spend excessive time on repetitive administrative tasks, limiting their capacity to focus on strategic sales activities. This manual approach not only hampered productivity but also increased the risk of human errors.

The Solution

AH International recognized the need for a comprehensive Sales CRM solution to address their sales process challenges effectively. After thorough evaluation, they selected Kreato CRM for its advanced capabilities and seamless integration with their existing systems. The following features proved instrumental in AH International’s success:

Sales Pipeline Management: Kreato CRM provided AH International with a centralized platform to track leads, opportunities, and closures across various departments. The intuitive interface enabled real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, empowering the management team to make informed decisions and allocate resources strategically.

Sales Automation and Engagement: Kreato CRM’s automation tools automated repetitive tasks, such as data entry, follow-ups, and scheduling, reducing manual effort and freeing up valuable time for AH International’s sales team. Moreover, the platform facilitated personalized customer engagement through automated email campaigns, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

AI-powered Sales Acceleration: Kreato CRM’s AI platform, Axlerate AI, proved to be a game-changer for AH International. The AI capabilities enhanced the sales team’s decision-making, competence, and execution capabilities at every stage of the sales cycle. By leveraging predictive analytics and data-driven insights, Axlerate AI enabled AH International to identify high-value prospects, prioritize leads, and optimize their sales strategies.

The Result

The implementation of Kreato CRM revolutionized AH International’s sales processes, resulting in significant improvements and tangible benefits:

Streamlined Sales Operations: AH International witnessed a streamlined sales process with reduced complexities and improved coordination among departments. The centralized system facilitated seamless collaboration, eliminating information silos and improving overall efficiency.

Increased Revenue Generation: By leveraging Kreato CRM’s sales automation and AI-powered capabilities, AH International experienced accelerated revenue generation. The platform’s intelligent lead prioritization and targeted engagement strategies led to higher conversion rates and increased deal closures.

Enhanced Decision-making: Kreato CRM empowered AH International’s management team with real-time insights and analytics. They gained a comprehensive understanding of sales performance, enabling proactive decision-making, resource optimization, and effective forecasting.

Improved Sales Team Productivity: Automation of manual tasks and streamlined processes allowed AH International’s sales team to focus on high-value activities, such as building relationships and closing deals. The result was increased productivity, reduced administrative burden, and improved job satisfaction.

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