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With intuitive sales CRM platform which has AI backed intelligent systems built around the
sales process, Kreato has empowered organizations across industries to grow sales.

Through the adoption of Sales Acceleration AI inbuilt Kreato CRM, Multiplier Brand Solutions witnessed a profound transformation in their sales processes, leading to a significant enhancement in decision-making capabilities and a remarkable boost in sales performance.

Multiplier Brand Marketing
Multiplier Brand Solutions, a leading Tech-Enabled Field Marketing Solutions company, has been serving clients in the market for over a decade. Helping clients achieve last mile efficiency through innovative solutions in Workforce Management, Retail Solutions, and Tech & Data Solutions.

The Challenge

Multiplier Brand Solutions faced several challenges in their sales processes that needed to be addressed. The specific challenges they encountered were:

Inefficient Sales Pipeline Management: Multiplier Brand Solutions struggled with effectively managing their sales pipeline. They lacked a centralized system to track and monitor leads, opportunities, and closures. This resulted in a lack of visibility into the sales process, making it difficult to identify bottlenecks and prioritize sales activities.

Limited Customer Engagement: The sales team at Multiplier faced challenges in engaging with customers effectively. They lacked tools and processes to automate engagement activities, such as personalized email communications, timely follow-ups, and reminders. This manual approach led to inconsistencies in customer interactions and potential opportunities slipping through the cracks.

Lack of Intelligent Insights: Multiplier Brand Solutions lacked access to intelligent insights and data-driven recommendations to support their decision-making processes. Without a comprehensive CRM solution, they struggled to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify high-potential leads, prioritize activities, and make informed decisions at each stage of the sales cycle.

Inconsistent Sales Performance: Due to the aforementioned challenges, Multiplier experienced inconsistencies in their sales team’s performance. Without streamlined processes and tools to enhance their competence and execution capabilities, there were fluctuations in the number of deals closed, leading to revenue uncertainties.

The Solution

After careful evaluation of various CRM platforms in the market, Multiplier Brand Solutions chose Kreato CRM to address their sales process challenges. Kreato CRM offered a Sales CRM Platform powered by in-built AI platforms, with a key component called Sales Acceleration AI – Axlerate AI.

Sales Pipeline Management: Kreato CRM provided Multiplier with robust sales pipeline management capabilities. With a user-friendly interface, the sales team could efficiently track and manage leads, opportunities, and closures. The CRM enabled seamless collaboration among team members, ensuring a unified view of the sales pipeline and real-time updates.

Engagement and Automation Tools: To enhance customer engagement, Kreato CRM offered Multiplier a suite of engagement tools. These tools enabled the sales team to automate repetitive tasks, such as email communications, follow-ups, and reminders. By automating these processes, the sales team could focus more on building relationships and closing deals, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

Axlerate AI – Intelligent Sales Execution: Axlerate AI, an integral part of Kreato CRM, proved to be a game-changer for Multiplier Brand Solutions. This AI-powered platform augmented the sales team’s decision-making, competence, and execution capabilities at every stage of the sales cycle. Axlerate AI leveraged advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the sales team. It helped identify high-potential leads, prioritize tasks, and predict the likelihood of closing deals accurately.

The Result

By implementing Kreato CRM, Multiplier Brand Solutions experienced significant improvements in their sales processes and overall efficiency. The key outcomes achieved were:

Streamlined Sales Processes: Kreato CRM enabled Multiplier to streamline their sales pipeline management, resulting in better visibility and control over the entire sales cycle.

Increased Productivity: The automation tools within Kreato CRM reduced manual tasks, allowing the sales team to focus more on revenue-generating activities, resulting in improved productivity.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Axlerate AI empowered the sales team with intelligent insights and recommendations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, leading to higher sales conversions.

Improved Sales Performance: With Kreato CRM’s comprehensive capabilities, Multiplier witnessed an overall improvement in their sales team’s competence and execution, ultimately leading to higher closure rates and revenue growth.

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