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AI powered diagnostic analysis of sales team performance pin-pointing the required areas of improvement.
Make sales reps to stay competitive on their under-performing areas with game mechanics.

AI For Sales

Kreato leverages AI to deliver intelligent team performance analytics for you to comprehensively evaluate and coach the team effectively. Motivate, engage and energize your team with sales gamification. Tap the full potential of your salesforce and grow your business.

Recognize Good Performance in Real Time

Leaderboards gives real-time visibility of team’s productivity, instantly recognizes top performers and fosters a feeling of being appreciated at work.

Improve Team Performance With Gamification

Applying game mechanics to sales amplifies the competitive spirit between reps, engages them in a play-to-win culture and motivates them to perform more.

Team.AI & Sales Gamification Features in Kreato CRM

Comprehensive Metrics

Multiple leaderboards to track Engagement, Activity, Lead Pipeline and Sales Pipeline performances.

Teamwise Evaluation

Have team wise Leaderboards to evaluate performance within teams and compare performance between teams.

AI Driven Performance Metrics

AI driven metrics to track performance of team members bench-marking with  team & top performer.

Drive Higher Performance

Leaderboards publicly rewards top-performers & motivates those at the bottom to perform more.

Coach Team Effectively

Gamification systematically helps to identify areas for growth of individuals and coach them to correct inefficiencies.

Insights for Sales Leaders

Sales leaders can identify the types of behaviors lead to excellence and extend those best practices across the team.
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