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How AI in CRM augments the capabilities of sales team

The major role of AI is not to replace humans but to augment the capabilities of humans. AI when applied to sales empowers the sales team to understand customers, work more productively and achieve better outcomes.

AI reduces mundane tasks and frees time for relationship building. Sales team can focus on activities where the human touch is really needed.

Let us see, how AI powered sales CRM platform could augment the capabilities of sales team and changes the way you do sales.

The AI enabled Sales Professional will be able to:

Prioritize leads and focus efforts on high-value and sales ready opportunities

Innovative scoring methods – Ideal profile scoring, Engagement scoring and Fruition scoring are used to rank leads based on profitability, engagement behavior and the likelihood to win.

AI takes guesswork out from lead prioritization.

Proactively engage leads & deals which requires immediate attention

Machine learning applied to your pipeline data helps you to find the leads and deals where

  • Lead or deal remains idle for a longer time (either you have not engaged or customer has not responded for long)
  • Lead or deal remains in the same stage for a longer duration
  • You have received mail from customer (that needs reply) and your response is due
  • You have missed the milestone or target achievement timeline for the lead or deal

Proactive engagement ensures you never lose a prospect.

Automatically adopt the right process for each customer & deal

Process roadmap in Kreato auto drives the sales rep to perform next best strategic step to move the customer successfully to next stage of sales cycle.

Engage at right time when the customer is most likely to respond

Using predictive analytics analyzing the engagement patterns of the customer, the system recommends optimal time to engage customer and best channel to communicate where the response rate is high.

AI ensures all your engagement efforts succeeds.

Handle customer emails efficiently

Natural language processing, an effective application of machine learning is used to auto interpret incoming emails, categorize them by intent, identify emails that needs to be replied and auto drafts the response.

AI helps you to identify high priority emails, emails that requires reply and emails that requires an activity from your side. At next level, AI can be used to auto draft response for the emails and auto reply meeting schedule requests.

Take right decisions quickly and confidently

Machine learning, the core driver of AI which keeps learning from your CRM big data and brings out all intelligent insights to assist or enhance decision making.

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