Why CRM Needs AI?

CRM and Artificial Intelligence is a powerful combination that will result in endless advantages to both the sales reps and the sales managers.

Basically CRM has lot of information to process and digest. Asking sales reps to go through all of that information to arrive at intelligent decisions on how to utilize that data on their pipeline activities and customer communications is not an easy job. The main role of sales reps is to sell and making them to additionally do the data analysis part will not yield the desired result.

This is where artificial intelligence coming to the rescue. AI will handle the analysis/decision-making part and will make necessary intelligent predictions and recommendations about a customer or prospect based on all the data collected to date on him by the system. Not only from the current transaction data, but it will also keep learning from the historical sales data to make intelligent decisions.

For an example, one of the main decision making part which every sales rep goes through daily is prioritizing the order of leads/prospects that they should follow-up. For this, they have to go through every lead in their bucket to check who needs immediate attention or follow-up analyzing various factors involving the profile fit, engagement interest shown…etc. Will it is not productive if AI does this job for them?

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