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The AI Push to Team Performance Analytics & Personalized Coaching

In the ideal CRM world, performance reports of sales representatives have been derived purely out of the hard sales numbers such as leads converted, deals won, quota attainment and revenue generated. But with the introduction of AI based data capturing, now sales managers are looking beyond just the sales numbers with considering the non-quantifiable factors to efficiently access the performance.

Performance analysis:

In addition to the regular sales numbers (lead conversions, deal closures, revenue generation), metrics are derived on all the sales activities performed by the team members such as emails, calls, task executions, pipeline actions & collaborations. And top performers on each of the above categories are reported.

Also to diagnose the strength and weakness of any sales representative, unique metrics on non-quantifiable factors such as time taken for deal closure, deal conversion rate, revenue lost, call answering rate, time taken to respond customer emails, time taken for first engagement are measured leveraging the AI intelligence.

For an example, if the reports pinpoints that, a specific sales representative  have generated huge revenue loss with poor performance indicators on call answering rate & time taken to respond customer emails, it is straight & easy to correct.

Performance Bench-marking:

Identifying top performers with understanding what factors contributing to their success, will easily help to arrive at the best practices that the entire team can follow to attain the same performance level. Also not just limiting the benchmark analysis with one’s own past performance, providing out of box benchmark analysis of sales representatives against the team best/average performance, will ease the coaching activities of sales managers and also push for self-coaching.

For an example, knowing that 100% call answering rate & quick 15 minutes of mail response time makes Amit to win more deals, it will be easy job to coach other sales rep’s to follow the suite.

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