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How AI/ML can Improve Sales Manager Activities in CRM?

Sales managers are the people who are responsible to supervise or streamline end-to-end sales process covering the lead distribution, pipeline progress, customer engagement & team performance. They need to keep track & make decisions on pipeline performance, customer engagement strategies, team sales forecasting and sales rep performance.

As analyzing the business match and win likelihood of prospects is time consuming and prone to less efficient with just relying on human analysis, AI can help with ML backed Sales prediction tools to very precisely predict which deals will close and which won’t.

Tracking whether the pipeline progress is on the right track is the core facet, where sales managers spend their more time. This is where Artificial Intelligence can help sales managers with out of box intelligence metrics on Pipeline performance such as pipeline conversion rate, average time taken for conversion, stage-to-stage progress rate analyzing pipeline transactions, thus reducing the complex data analysis burden from them.

Achieving Sales forecast accuracy still remains the prime target of most of the sales managers. As achieving it with just manual analysis and gut instincts will not yield expected results, AI backed predictions tools can help to precisely predict the expected closure time and the winning probability of forecasted deals thus improving the accuracy.

Sales managers spend most of their productivity on tracking their sales rep performance. Factors that holds significant impact on top performing sales reps performance are sometime less obvious and difficult to find. Elements such as time to first engagement, time to respond emails are critical to know to get the real factors behind top performance. This is where Ai backed team performance intelligence tools can help to analyzes such patters and helps sales managers to guide their underperforming sales reps with right performance prescriptions.

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