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CRM Sales Play Book: Automating & Applying AI

We all know that following the well defined sales play book is the winning formula of any successful sales team. Sales Play Book is nothing but the sales process roadmap detailing the logical sequence of activities, that to be followed right from the beginning of the first sales call or engagement till the closure by the sales team.

Along with the sequence of sales activities, it will also provide the sales team with set of rules (Do’s & Don’ts), best practices and guidance throughout the sales journey. That’s how continuous time & efforts were poured in by the sales leadership team to always keep the sales play book updated with guidelines.

Real problem is not on framing the well guide lined sales play book, but making the sales team to follow it.  Let’s analyze how AI backed CRM helps with automating the sales play book implementation and also improves it with the application of artificial intelligence techniques.

  • Provision for the sales leadership team to define the sequence of sales activities specific to each and every stages of the lead/deal pipeline, along with configuring the deadline period and the guidelines that to followed for every activity.
  • Sales Roadmap widget provided to the sales team to spot at which stage their leads or deals is currently reached, along with the status & timeline of activities completed & next steps to do.
  • Auto prompts for the sales team when the deadline is missed for any of their sales activity, through the data intelligence captured on the activity timelines.
  • Auto prompts for the sales team on the next activity to be executed, upon the completion of current activity.
  • Providing data intelligence to the sales leadership team to gauge the deadline period of every sales activity based on the data intelligence captured on time spent by the past leads/deals on that specific activity.
  • Providing data intelligence to the sales leadership team to identify the sales activities that usually takes more time to complete than the deadline suggested, so that measures can be taken to complete them on-time.

This is how the automation and application of artificial intelligence (AI) makes the sales team

  • to adapt the sales play book for every lead / deal without any fail and helps them to win more sales.
  • and additionally helping the sales leadership team to improve the sales strategies.
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