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What does AI has to do with CRM intelligence

If you are wondering how artificial intelligence is linked with CRM intelligence, then here comes the answer.  Days are gone, where CRM reporting is limited to the traditional & legacy reports such as pipeline stages, funnel analysis, opportunities won, revenue generated, top revenue generating accounts, sales quota attainment, task & events completion.

Basically all the above reports categories are derived out of the quantifiable factors.  But only after the AI coming into the line, unique & drill-down metrics with cohort analysis are being derived out of non-quantifiable categories. This have become possible only due to the data intelligence being captured with leveraging AI.

Inflow & Growth Trends Analysis: 

Visualize how your leads, opportunities, account grows over a period of time and the inflow of cases/tickets related to various products & services.

Conversational Intelligence:

With machine learning the complete engagements that happens between the team and the customers, insights are provided on mail open/read rate, the patterns of the customer emails, results providing email templates, best suitable channel & time period for customer engagement, outbound call connection rate.

Team Activity & Engagement Insights:

In addition to tracking of volume of sales team activities (emails, calls, collaborations, tasks executions, event participation, pipeline related actions) over a period of time, with intelligent data capturing, you can also keep a watch on advanced metrics such as call answering/mail response rate, average time taken for mail response / first engagement, time spent on calls/meetings.

Lead Funnel & Sales Pipeline performance:

With intense data capturing at stage to stage level, deep insights are provided on average time spent on stages, stage-to-stage conversion rate, winning probability by stages. Also deal success analysis reported based on various factors such as sources, deal owners, location, stage factors and team engagement pointers ( average number of emails/calls placed,  average mail response time/first engagement time maintained, average time spent on calls).

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