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Intelligent Sales crm

Convert More Leads. Win More Sales Faster.

AI In-built


Kreato CRM with in-built AI, serves as all-in-one Sales CRM platform powered by sales pipeline intelligence, conversation intelligence and team performance intelligence. Convert more leads and win deals faster than ever before with AI driven automation, contextual insights, predictive intelligence and team productivity tools.

Effectively Convert More Leads

Track leads in real-time with profile & behavioral scoring. Automate capturing, engaging, nurturing and qualifying every lead your business receives.

Win More Deals Faster With AI

With the help of data-driven AI tools prioritize hot deals, predict optimal time to follow-up and get guidance on next steps & how to do it.

Auto Drive Repeatable Sales Success

Process Road-maps for leads & deals auto drives team to perform next strategic steps and ensures they follow right process for every lead & deal.

Focus on Real Sales With Automation

Get a 24/7 virtual assistant for your sales team which automates lead routing, task assignments, customer responses and timeline activity captures.

Predict & Engage Rightly

AI tools alerts you to follow-up when you should, guides to select best channel & time to communicate via phone calls & email from CRM.

Monitor Team Performance & Coach

Intelligent performance tracking to recognize top performers and coach team wherever necessary. Employ gamification for team competitiveness.

Get Full Featured Mobile CRM App for Sales.

Empowers your on-the-go sales team to increase sales revenue.


Provides Contextual & Predictive Insights To Close More Sales Faster. Drives effective sales conversations.

Behavioral Lead Scoring

Predicts prospective leads & deals that are profitable, shows interest & ready to close.

Process Roadmap & Pipeline SLAs

Recommends next steps at every stage of the pipeline. Identify and alerts on stuck deals.

Conversation Intelligence

Track Email opens. Auto record and analyze sales emails & calls. Predict customer intent.

Predictive Engagement

Using predictive data analytics, recommends best medium & opt time to follow-up

Intelligent Sales Forecasting

With data driven probability intelligence, auto derives accurate revenue forecast.

Predictive Pipeline Intelligence

Identifies pipeline success factors. Pinpoints pipeline stages that holds sales development.

AI in Sales CRM Transforms Sales Pipeline Review.

Learn how AI Tools & AI driven intelligence helps to achieve better pipeline performance.


Automates Most of The Data Entry & Mundane Tasks . Your Team Can Focus More on Most Productive Sales Activities.

Auto Lead Capturing

Auto captures leads from web forms, emails, calls, chats & marketing platforms.

Instant Email Responses

Automatically sends personalized email response to every enquiry received.

Auto Lead Nurturing

Sends automated, personalized drip email campaigns to invoke & sustain interest.

Activity Data Capturing

Automatically captures team activities & attributes to respective record’s timeline.

Automatic Status Updates

Auto updates pipeline status or stage progress with conditional workflow triggers.

Customer Responses Scheduling

Auto triggers drafted mails at appropriate schedule based on customer availability.

AI in Sales CRM leads to Improved Team Performance

Learn how AI in Sales CRM plays the role in improving team performance


Auto drives Consistent Team Performance. Helps Sales Leaders to excel at coaching & success strategies.

Lead & Task Assignment

Instantly assigns new leads and tasks to right sales rep with auto triggered rules.

Sales Process Roadmap

Auto suggests next key actions. Ensures Reps adapt the process for each deal.

Sales Targets & Goals

Set sales targets for your team. Track their progress individually.

Team Leaderboards

Visualize in real-time top and average performers on sales execution & efficiency.

Performance Benchmarks

Discover the relative performance of sales reps on various performance parameters.

Sales Gamification

Use game mechanics to amplify team competitiveness on under-performing areas.