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AI Powered CRM Software For Sales

Full featured 15-days free trial.  Save when you pay annually. You can call at (+91) 902-513-8100 to talk to our CRM experts.

INR | $

    Rs.600/ User / Month (Billed Annually)
    • or Rs. 750 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
    • End-to-End Lead & Sales Pipeline Management, Essential Automation & Intelligence Features.
    • Key Features
    • Lead Management & Sales PipelineSmart lead tracking, sales pipeline management, multi channel communication for customer engagement and team productivity management
    • Auto Lead Capturing & Ideal Profile ScoringCapture Leads Automatically from Website, Mail, Calls, Landing pages and Market places. Auto scoring of leads by profile for lead prioritization.
    • Sales Process Road-mapSales Playbook Automation - Auto drives team to take stragetic steps in sequence to move lead or deal successfully to next stage.
    • Help Desk (Ticket Management)
    • Email Tracking (Opens, Clicks & Bounces)Get instant alerts when customer replies, opens or follows links in the emails sent.
    • Intelligent Data Fields
    • Sales Reports & Dashboards
    • Cloud Telephony & Email IntegrationClick to call from CRM. Access recorded call records from CRM. Send mails from CRM.
    • Mobile App
    • Minimum 3 User Subscriptions Required
    Rs.1200/ User / Month (Billed Annually)
    • or Rs. 1500 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
    • Add Advanced Automation Capabilities to Your Sales Process. Boost Your Sales Team Productivity.
    • Key Features
    • Auto Lead AssignmentSetup automatic routing to instantly assign new leads using round robin or conditional assignment methods.
    • Auto Responders & Drip Email Campaigns
    • Sales Targets & Forecasting
    • Customer Email SynchronizationIntegrate your common sales email inbox with CRM. Incoming emails will be automatically received and logged to customer records.
    • Automated Actions (Workflow Automation)Automates task assignment. Automate workflows to update data fields, change stages and push data to external systems.
    • Workflow Approvals
    • Email Scheduling & Reports Scheduling
    • Team Activity Insights
    • Mobile App
    • Minimum 3 User Subscriptions Required
    Rs.3900/ User / Month (Billed Annually)
    • or Rs. 4800 / User / Month (Billed Monthly)
    • Add Human Like Intelligence Capabilities to Sales. Add Game Mechanics and AI Capabilities to boost team performance.
    • Key Features
    • Virtual Email Engagement Assistant
    • Team Performance Intelligence (AI)Leverages AI to deliver actionable insights on team performance. Provides complete picture of sales team activities and enables better coaching.
    • Sales Gamification
    • Team Selling
    • 15 Days Free Pilot
    • Go Live Premium On-boarding
    • Kreato Quarterly Review
    • Phone Support
    • Mobile App
    • Minimum 20 User Subscriptions Required
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All Plans Include

  • Daily Incremental Data Backup
  • Dedicated Data Storage for your business
  • 256-Bit SSL Data Access Encryption
  • 24*7 Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Regular, Free Software Upgrades
  • Email & Help Desk (Ticket) Support

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Sales Professional CRM

Sales Enterprise CRM

Sales AI Enterprise CRM

Sales AI Ultimate CRM


Monthly Pricing (Billed Annually) Rs. 600 / User / Month Rs. 1200 / User / Month Rs. 2100 / User/ Month Rs. 3900 / User/ Month
Monthly Pricing (Billed Month To Month) Rs. 750 / User / Month Rs. 1500 / User / Month Rs. 2700 / User/ Month Rs. 4800 / User/ Month

Customer Data, Lead & Sales Pipeline Management

Lead Management
Ideal Profile Match Scoring
Lead TrackingTrack qualified leads via custom statuses, segmented list views, rich filtering & search options.
Lead To Opportunity Conversion”
Account and Contact Management
Opportunities / Deals Management
Sales Pipeline Tracking
Process Road-map for Leads & Deals
Process Road-map Automation
Price lists & Quotes
Sales Dashboard & Reports
Custom Views & Smart Filters
360 Degree Data View
Sales Activities / Events Timeline Feeds
Communications (Emails, Calls & SMS) History
Sales Forecasting

Customer Engagement & Communication

Email / SMS Templates
Send Mails & Text Messages #
Mass Emails & SMS #
Click To Call #
Auto & Manual Call Log #
Call Records Access #
Email Tracking (Opens, Clicks, Bounces)
Sales Email Synchronization
Drip Email Campaigns
Email Scheduling
Intelligent Call Routing
Incoming Call Popup

Team Productivity Management

Tasks with Reminders
Team Collaboration(Notes, Docs)
Team Activities Real-time Tracking
Real-time Notifications to Team (On-Screen / Email / SMS)


Todays Pulse
Inflow Trend Analysis
Standard Reports & Dashboards
Custom Reports & Dashboards

Auto Lead Capturing

Web to Lead Capture
Call to Lead Capture
Mail to Lead Capture
Web Chat to Lead Capture
Market Place to Lead Capture

Pre-Sales (Leads) & Sales Automation

Automatic Activity Data Capturing
Auto Lead Assignment (Round-Robin, Conditional)
Auto Responders (Email / SMS)
Report Scheduling

Automated Actions (Workflow Automation)

Auto Task Assignment
Auto Field Updates
Auto Stage Conversion
Push Data to External Systems

Customer Support Management / Help Desk Automation

Tickets / Cases Management
Tickets / Cases Activity Timeline Feed
Web to Ticket / Case Capturing
Email to Ticket / Case Capturing
Call to Ticket / Case Capturing
Auto Ticket / Case Assignment
Knowledge Base Management
FAQ Builder

Artificial Intelligence for Sales

Intelligent Data Fields
Lead Scoring by Engagement (Emails, Phone Calls)
Fruition Scoring for Leads & Deals
Pipeline . AI
Predictive Customer Engagement
Email . AI
Actionable Team Activity Insights
Out-of-the-box Sales Intelligence
AI Driven Sales Forecasting

Intelligent Team Performance Management

Sales Targets & Goals
Team . AI
Game Mechanics for Sales
Team Selling


API Access
Send Grid (Email Service)
Knowlarity (Cloud Telephony Service)
Exotel (Cloud Telephony Service)
My Operator (Cloud Telephony Service)
Ozonetel (Cloud Telephony Service)
MVaayoo (Text Messaging Service)
IndiaMART (Online Market Place)
TradeIndia (Online Market Place)
Justdial (Online Market Place)
Zopim (Online Web Chat)
Unbounce (Landing Pages)
PIPL (Customer Profile Enrichment)
Twilio (Cloud Telephony Service)
Plivo(Cloud Telephony Service)

Security Administration

Record based Access
Role based Access
Group based Access

Product Customization

Custom Fields
Custom List Views
Custom List Filters
Reorder & Rename Menus
Forms Customization
Custom Data Modules 2 Modules 5 Modules 5 Modules
# Feature may need Integration of 3rd Party Service.


We offer 15 days full featured free trial with no obligations. Get started with your CRM portal in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Organization Need To Start Using Kreato CRM?

Kreato is offered as online CRM software. No on-premise hardware or software installation required. Just internet connection is required to use Kreato CRM.

How Long Does It Take To Deploy & Adapt Kreato CRM?

Easy configuration and customization to go live with Kreato CRM in a day.  Not only Kreato simplifies your complex business processes, we have also built Kreato as a simple technology solution to adapt easily. You can on-board your users quickly within hours with no or less training.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Kreato CRM is a pay-as-you-go service with no contracts. We believe in our product and our customer service to retain you for long term.

Can I change plans at any time?


What does the subscription include?

You get access to a scalable and professional cloud infrastructure that includes: hosting of your CRM portal, free integration Apps, dedicated storage for your data, 256 SSL data access encryption, incremental backups every day and 24/7 server monitoring & maintenance.

Your user subscription includes access to our support by email or Help Desk (ticket) in application.

What kind of customization support do you offer to go live?

We make sure you customize Kreato to meet your business needs and on-board quickly.

Kreato has been built as self-supportive & intuitive application that comes with free configuration to get you up and running in hours.  Kreato includes state-of-art support system with step by step setup wizards and provides complete access to online knowledge-base to customize Kreato & go live on your own easily.

You can also choose Optional paid options for expert guidance and extended support on customization.

How does the 15 day Free trial work?

When you sign up to Kreato, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our 15-day trial. This trial will allow you to use all features of Kreato.

We definitely recommend you start with Free trial! We want you to be completely convinced about Kreato. One of the ways to find out how well Kreato works out for you is exploring and using all the available features during your 15 day free trial period. Once you are convinced that your CRM requirements can be solved by Kreato, you would be in a better position to pay and start using Kreato for your business.

Register for Free personalized online Demo session for a better start.

What kind of functional support do you offer?

Functional support only for paid subscribers.

Standard Email and help desk (ticket) support is Free and included with all subscription plans.  Phone support is available for Sales AI Enterprise Plan Subscription.

What happens after the 15-day free trial?

You can convert to the paid plan. All of your information, settings and data will be kept automatically.

If you decide not to continue to a paid plan at the end of the trial, your deployment and data will be erased as outlined in our Terms of Service.

What’s the Priority Phone Support? How can I use it?

Phone Support is available for Sales AI Enterprise CRM subscription. You can reach our support team through phone for your queries and issues.

Email and in-product Help Desk (ticket) support is available with all subscription plans. Personal response is assured in 24 hours.

Our support teams are available Monday to Friday (9 AM to 7 PM IST).

What's the email and help desk support? How can I use it?

We want you to have the best experience with Kreato, that’s why we provide functional support to our customers (paid subscriptions only).  So if you are having any issues, you can contact us through help desk (raising ticket directly from your Kreato CRM account) or by email ( Personal response is assured in 24 hours. Our support teams are available Monday to Friday, (9 AM to 7 PM IST).

How do I train my team?

Kreato has been built as an easy to use system with simple and intuitive interfaces. Less or no training required.

Searchable knowledge base and how-to video tutorials are provided inside the product to learn and get trained easily on using Kreato CRM.

Kreato Academy which is part our CRM ecosystem provides online self-paced courses on using and administrating Kreato CRM.

What are your payment terms?

You can pay quarterly or one year upfront. Annual plans are provided at 20% discount compared to quarterly plans.

Are there setup or cancellation fees?

There are no setup or cancellation fees. Optional setup support programs are available for customization.

How do I Pay?

We accept online payments. You can choose to pay via net banking, debit card or credit card. Bank transfer and Cheque payments are accepted for annual mode. You can download the Invoices from settings section of the product.

Will there be any tax levied on the purchase?

A Service Tax of 15% is levied on the prices mentioned above, as per Indian government regulations.

Who Owns My Data?

You do! It’s your data. You own the data you store and process with Kreato CRM. You can export all of your data from Kreato CRM at any time.

Is My Data Safe?

Your data is safe in Kreato CRM. Being hosted at Microsoft Azure – world class data center that is protected by 24-hour surveillance, with dedicated client databases & distinct sub-domains for each client, daily backup and every access to our CRM service secured by 256 bit SSL encryption, all best practices are in place to ensure the safety of your data.

If I leave, can I take my data?

Absolutely – we allow you to export ALL of the data in Kreato.

How do I cancel my account? Will I get refund on cancellation?

You can cancel at any time. No cancellation fees. You can send a mail to

If you cancel your account, no refund will be issued and you will not be charged or billed thereafter. Your account will remain active till the end of the subscription period that has already been paid.

Is Kreato compliant with my industry or government requirements?

Kreato CRM is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers to ensure we provide the world’s best cloud infrastructure with Kreato, in compliance with regulations, standards and best practices, including the following.

  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001 / 27002
  • FedRAMP
  • ISO 27008
  • FIPS 140-2
  • CSA