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With intuitive sales CRM platform which has AI backed intelligent systems built around the
sales process, Kreato has empowered organizations across industries to grow sales.

Kreato helps Pssrijan to centralize customer data, organize their pre-sales process and streamline customer communications.

PSSrijan Group
PSSrijan Group Real Estate
PSSrijan, a joint venture of PS group and Srijan Realty is a rapidly growing real estate company engaged in the construction of an emergent India, unfolding several dream projects across the country in order to meet the continuously growing demands.

The Challenge

Customer information had been collected by a primitive system of spreadsheets and paperwork that was woefully inadequate for the sales team to effectively track leads, follow-up and acquire customers. 

“We had the problem with the integrity of the data, duplication and with the time these spreadsheets get deleted. When the sales executive changed the leads with that executive had also disappeared.” says Prashant Chopra, director of PS Group.

Pssrijan executes targeted campaigns through email and print advertisements frequently. Most of the enquiries they received are through the phone calls. Tracking of these enquiry calls was a difficult task for the team. They want a solution to auto capture leads generated from emails and calls replacing the manual method of data collection.

“PSSrijan had a post sales process in place but didn’t have a pre-sales process” recalls Prashant Chopra. CRM software was identified as the best way forward, giving the business the ability to centralize customer data, organize our pre-sales process, streamline all customer communications and provide the sales team all the necessary tools to be more productive and efficient.


Kreato gives PSSrijan all the best tools to organize the customer data and extract the information they wanted quickly. Everyone is working from the same database, a single source of accurate information that is overseen by the leadership team.

With the help of ready-to-use integration Apps in Kreato, they were able to integrate the cloud telephony service with Kreato in minutes. The sales team could easily track responses to their Ad campaigns now. 

“Before Kreato, we had no way to track how many calls we got when we gave an advertisement in the paper /online. Whether the calls were taken or missed we could not track.” explains Prashant Chopra. 
Tracking of emails & calls, ability to record, transcript and analyze the conversations has helped to streamline the communications. “Access to call recordings is an added advantage so that training can be given to the executives.” adds Prashant Chopra.

The help & setup videos made it easy for the admin team to configure and customize the system. Process roadmap for lead management defined mirroring the stages and steps they follow. Now the team always know what next to do and are consistent with their efforts. Tracking of leads has become efficient with intelligent list filters, pipeline SLAs and custom views. The team is able to stay top on all their follow-ups and potential opportunities.

Kreato has helped PSSrijan to have a organized pre-sales process in place to increase the conversion rates, centralize customer data and provide the necessary tools to the team to streamline customer communications.

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  • Good CRM at a good Cost. Mainly we were looking to automate & organize our pre-sales process. And with cloud telephony integration, we could easily track responses to our Ad campaigns. The help & setup videos clinched the deal Special Thanks to the Kreato support team for making it so easy to implement.

    Prashant ChopraDirector, PSSRajan Developers

Key Features in Kreato CRM That Led To Success

Lead and Sales Pipeline Management

All smart lead management, sales pipeline tracking and productivity tools to streamline your sales process and consistently win deals.

In-Built Customer Engagement

Email and call customers directly from your CRM. Auto captures engagement timelines and conversation metadata (email & call recordings).

Conversation Intelligence

Get intent & sentiment analysis of every email and call received from customers.

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