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Where AI can be utilized in CRM?

Based on the experience that we had at Kreato on applying AI, we see that artificial intelligence concepts can be well applied on the areas of lead/sales future predictions, customer engagement predictions and contextual pipeline/performance recommendations.

On sales predictions, with the help of machine learning and data mining historical data available, AI can help to predict whether an incoming lead is a real fit to work on or you could take help of AI to guess when a particular deal will be converted.

On customer engagement, AI can help the sales team on their customer outreach. For example, it can help them to predict the best channel to engage a specific customer, that has most probable chance for successful connect or AI can help to predict what is the best time to reach a specific customer.

On contextual recommendations, AI can help leadership team to arrive at the best pipeline and performance standards that wins more deals and leads to top performance. And bench-marking these standards, it can provide necessary recommendations to the sales reps based on the specific non-compliance context.

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