3 Ways AI & ML Can Improve Sales Reps Activities in CRM

Sales Reps are the people who actively participate in the sales activities, engaging with prospects & customers to bring in new or more sales. They go through the simple to complex decision-making processes throughout their day whether they work on finding the next lead to target or prioritizing their customer communications.

Let’s see the top 3 ways Artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve sales reps activities.

Intelligent Lead Prioritization

As identifying the prospects which are profile fit and has the best probable chance to win involves analyzing multiple factors & patterns, AI can help with ML backed scoring techniques to do this job for them.

Proactive Attention to Leads / Deals at Risk

For sales reps, it will be difficult to always keep track of signals that impact pipeline performance manually. Instead, if AI can help to predict best standards/actions that have a probability for high pipeline performance and recommends the sales reps automatically whenever they are out of the track, it can translate in enormous sales wins.

Efficient Customer Engagement

Another area where sales reps usually struggle is for successful customer engagements. This is where AI can help sales rep with recommendations on the best channel (Email or Call) and timeline to reach customers based on the historical engagement data, thus helping them to fine-tune their customer reach out strategies.

Also when there is a huge volume of incoming emails to go through, sales reps usually miss to respond a few important emails which sometimes leads to loss of opportunities. If AI with the help of ML backed algorithms supports the text analytics techniques such as sentiment or intent detection, then the customer communications can be auto analyzed and those with high priority can be tagged for immediate attention.

To summarize, AI/ML can help sales rep with their decision-making process, so that they can concentrate on core sales activities that they are hired for.

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