Leveraging Full Potential of Cloud Telephony Integration with CRM

Even though the main benefits of integrating Cloud Telephony with CRM is to provide the below telephonic capabilities directly within the CRM solution:

  •  To make and receive calls at the CRM
  • To view and track the call communications associated with customer whenever required.
  • Access and option to locate & listen to call conversation (Audio Recordings) as required.

Still you could leverage more benefits as listed below out of the integration, if both the CRM and Cloud Telephony providers supports high degree of customization and integration options.

Kreato is such a modern CRM which provides plug-n-play integration Apps for leading Cloud Telephony Service providers in India such as Knowlarity, Exotel, Ozonetel, My Operator and International players such as Twilio and Plivo.

 Auto Lead Generation

You could auto generate lead records at your CRM for every incoming sales call received at your CRM. This will help to improve the sales team productivity and as the complete call conversation will be available with lead record, they could listen to the conversation to learn the exact requirements of the customer.

 Auto Ticket Generation

You could auto generate support ticket at your CRM for every incoming support call received.  As the complete call conversation will be available with ticket record for any time access, the support team will never miss any part of query/ problem voiced by your customers.

Greeting Customers with their Name

You could greet your customer with their name captured at your CRM, whenever you receive incoming calls at your cloud telephony number.

 Route Calls to Record Owners 

Also whenever some existing customer rings you, you could route the call to owner/agent handling that specific customer based on CRM records.

Dynamic Call Workflows via Customer Data 

If required, you could dynamically route the incoming calls to different teams based on customer data existence at your CRM or based on customer properties (i.e customer’s city, language or product purchased) captured at your CRM records.

Track Marketing ROI via Calls

(If you utilize unique contact numbers to differentiate various marketing channels ( Print, Online, TV Ads, etc ), then easily you could track the best performing marketing channel for your business.

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