Task Automation – Key Integral Part of Any Smart CRM Solution

Automating day-to-day business process linked to customer handling plays the major role in the success of any CRM implementation. Once the business automates most of its customer linked communications, notifications and team related activities, it can focus more on the core part of the business. Also it saves the time and energy spent by the team on redundant activities, thus improving the team’s productivity at large.

Kreato is a smart CRM solution that comes with all modern tools to automate all necessary workflows of your business. Providing all the benefits listed above Kreato becomes an opt choice of forward looking businesses.

Automating Notifications on Incoming Leads / Tickets

 One of the major task that takes most time and efforts out of any business is acknowledging process that happens whenever it receives an enquiry or customer support ticket. One is to acknowledge the customer from whom the enquiry or support ticket received. And another to update the sales or support team on the new enquiry or the ticket.

Automating Lead / Ticket Assignment

Sales and Support managers mostly spend half of their time in manually assigning the incoming leads and tickets to their team. Based on the business needs, these assignments might require an equally distributed round-robin mechanism, or some time conditional based. Doing this manually will be really a time consuming activity.

Automating Customer Follow-up

One of the main trick that is being followed by sales team is to maintain continuous relation with the customer till point the deal is struck. And this relation happens mainly with the customer communication and interactions. And it usually happens through email communication with more details on product features, how-to-do articles, competitor comparison, blog articles & pricing offers etc..  Manually doing it might be possible for a business with low customer base, but maintaining these communications for a huge customer base will be daunting task.

Automating Transaction Updates

Another major time consuming activity of any business is to communicate the transactional updates to their customers. i.e instances like whenever any status change on enquiry, order is getting fulfilled, delivery is scheduled or any status updates on tickets raised. Automating these transactional update is vital for any business, otherwise there might be more cases missing to communicate the updates to the customers.

Automating Report Generation

 Analytics is the key indicator of any business to know the current status of sales, marketing, customer support and mainly the employee productivity on their activities. Manually generating reports and mailing it to the management is one of the key activity of sales, marketing and support managers in any business. Automating it not only saves time, also stops the redundant effort spent on the daily basis.

Automating Field Updates

Sometime you may need specific parameter on a process to update based on another parameter. To put it simple, on a sales opportunity, the priority level can be set to high, medium or low based on the target amount. For an example, the priority level can be set to high when the target amount is more or equal to 50k. Manually doing such field updates for every sales opportunity will be again a daunting task.

Automating Stage Conversion

Business follow certain fixed stages on their processes. Say on lead management, it starts with lead stage and then converted to account stage, whereas in the sales process, it starts with Opportunity and then proceed to quote, sales order and invoicing stage based on specific conditions. And these conversion happens based on some status change. For an example, whenever payment negotiation stage is reached, the lead can be converted as an account for the business, whenever the opportunity is reaching the finalizing status, quote can be generated out of it.

Automating Task Assignment

Here comes the important day-to-day activity of sales and support managers. That is to assign specific streamlined tasks to their team members whenever any new lead/ticket generated or any status updates happens. Again based on the volume of the enquiries and support tickets received by the business, it will be a major time killer for any business to do it manually.

Automating External Data Flow

As most of business make use of multiple tools to manage their business, there must be needs to push through inputs from one system to other. For an example, if the business has both CRM and ERP system in place, it may require to push some data from CRM system to ERP tool, whenever any opportunity gets converted into a sales order. If this activity is not automated and done manually, not only it will be difficult feat to achieve, sometime even you will miss to pass on.

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