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How adding text Messaging to your CRM can drive better customer engagement?

In this customer age, communicating through the right channel is important for effective engagement which drives better relationships with your customers and leads. Text messaging has become one of widely used business communication channel moving beyond the traditional marketing use cases. Text Messaging (SMS) is often preferred to send alerts, process and order status updates and reminder messages.

Your CRM system should be well integrated with Text Messaging services and allow automation of workflows for sending personalized and event specific Text (SMS) messages for your business processes.

Let us see some of the important use cases of CRM and Text Messaging integration.


Text based SMS campaign is one of the preferred marketing channel, as it helps to reach your customers instantly. And Voice broadcasting that helps to auto-dial out your customer numbers and play back pre-recorded messages through Voice-SMS is becoming trend in the marketing platform. So If you are looking to capture market attention instantly and through attractive campaigns, then make sure to check whether your CRM providers supports both the text and voice based SMS integrations.

Enquiry Acknowledgment

First and foremost activity of any sales team is to streamline the acknowledging process whenever the business generates any new lead or enquiry. Missing it will may even lead to the loss for potential clients. So the better option is to automate it, instead of handling it manually.

As new age customers prefers instant response on the enquiries, it will be better to acknowledge them immediately via SMS rather than the email.

Transactional Updates

Quick and consistent status updates to your customers throughout the lifecycle of your business transactions not only will streamline your business process, but also keep your customer satisfied and updated on the progress of the transactions all the time. As customer preferences differ on the channels on which they want to be communicated, it’s always better to have option to communicate the status via both email and text messaging channels. And if the business transactions are of critical nature, then it will better to keep them in loop instantly via text messages.

Customer Support

Communicating the status and keeping the customers in loop throughout the support cycle plays the major role in providing the superior customer service. As your customer may not always be connected to their email inboxes, it will better to stay in touch with them through the SMS channels too.

Birthday & Anniversary Greetings

Greeting customers on their valuable occasions is one of the best technique employed by most of the sales team to keep in touch with customers. And to not miss it and to be prompt on wishing them, it will be always better to automate the process. Even though you shall try to engage them easily via social media posts and email greetings, wishing them through text messages will be the reliable option, as not everyone will be always available online or checking their social accounts.

Task Reminders

Major activity of sales and support managers in any business is not just assigning the tasks to their team members, but making them to complete their assigned activities on time.  Reminders plays a very major role here to alert them on time to complete the listed activities. For the business team, which may not always connected to the CRM and email systems, SMS reminders will be best option to not miss on any of the assigned tasks.

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